2016 Russian Army Ration Menu 1 Brain Pate , Chicken And Rice , Beef And Vegetables

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  1. Very interesting. I have a question, would you not want to have breakfast your biggest meal since you would need the calories to power you through the day?

  2. It's not Spitz, it's Schpeek = that translates to bacon. Never heat vegetable caviar, and there is no olive oil in it :). This new drinks are much better then the old ones, wait until you get strawberry or raspberry it's just insanely good, believe me. You can see fruit pieces in it.


  3. Hiya Nathan that was a great review sir well done sorry I forgot to give you a shout out last week I will do it on Wednesday

  4. looks very good I been eyeballing these.. do they give heartburn? I'm not weak stomached but some of it makes me wonder haha! great review!

  5. Nathan, так пайки в РФ вообще не жрут. Ну ты хоть поинтересуйся, как оно происходит. Твои слова про холестерин, жир, разогрев сала. Это же ебаный пиздец. Это Facepalm в лучшем его виде.