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  1. I don't get it. She eats raw and organic but obviously doesn't use sunscreen or at least not very well. Yeah, makes a lot of sense. smh

  2. Kristina, please watch the video "The story of bottled water (2010)"! I'm happy that you have sponsors and affiliates, but bottled water should not be one of them.

  3. I always love your videos, but I have to say I am really not feeling all the sunwarrior protein powder you have been using lately. In a previous video you say you avoid processed/added sugar. What changed? What made you change your mind that now you have it all the time? I'm not trying to be a hater, because I love you! Following you and your recipes have changed my life, I just want to understand your thinking behind using sunwarrior protein powder. Thanks ❤️

  4. Kristina is anything wrong with your cheeks? I hope is just a tanning…Idk if is just me but in this video you don't look healthy. 😞

  5. you make too much videos people think veganism is complicated and they dont even start .. i get tired by getting slow information somebody needs to make videos for this planet and not fro the money

  6. Wow you look huge!!! Are you pregnant? If you are, congrats!! If you are not….eat less fats and more greens.