On today’s episode of The Nalie Show, I am joined by the beautiful Iris Linares, Juice specialist and owner of Not Your Exotic juicing, to give you 5 juice recipes to jumpstart your Health, Happiness, Energy and Bring Color to your life. Iris also battles depression and she believes that Juicing has benefited her life. Enjoy episode 8!

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  1. Another great video. Ty. Nalie, u should make a video on how u made that scarf look so good. Going through chemo and have been trying to get my scarf to do this look

  2. Hi Nalie, I follow you on instagram and now on YouTube too! I'm on chemo too and really love the idea of trying juicing. I love your head scarf, pretty floral, if you don't mind, where did you get it and how did you tie it like that? I have tried to tie a scarf like that and end up looking like I have a messy lump on my head! 🍷cheers to opening my eyes to juicing🍷

  3. Don't you agree juices in wine glasses taste so much better then in mason jar 😅😅😅 Hulk is such a nice choice for a green juice never thought of that! Nalie I've learn something new about you, never thought you don't like celery 😣 I juice every single day too but i can't pick a favorite I'm just in love love love with any flavor 💚