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  1. can you change the amount of ingredients for a 'normal' person? Most of your amounts are ridiculous, like 10 bananas haha. Id love to try them but i need less of ingredients because there's no way Im making all this

  2. If I were to do the smoothie with dates and bring it in a bag and leave it for a couple of hours would it go bad? With an ice pack of course but still would it go back?

  3. I tried to put dates in my smoothie and its all chunky. I have a ninja blender, but I thought that was a good brand

  4. anyone if you could answer i would really apreciate it when there is not any fat in the smoothies can our bodies absorb the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables? if i were to put a tablespoon of olive oil in the smoothie would it ruin everything? would the smoothie be stored in my body as fat?