Hi Everyone! It’s an ASMR food tasting video with a lot of eating and asmr mouth sounds and chewing. I made Dressed herring, Olivie, Tabouleh, Korean food and some other salads. I hope it helps you relax and fall asleep fast maybe raise your appetite :))
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Sweet dreams lovies !

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  1. Селёдочка под шубой!😌💣💥"Всё", что надо на праздничный стол.Это просто праздник 🎉 какой-то!🎺Корейская морковь тоже имеет свою секретную приправу. 😎

  2. If you are rinsing your fruit and vegetables with vinegar to remove pesticides you could also use salt-water. Its even more effective and cheaper than italian vinegar 😉 You just mix 9 parts water with one part salt and rinse your produce. Just make sure to rinse the salt of well too 🙂

  3. How many languages can you & sister speak? My goodness!! You have several different in your posts! I think both of you are amazing! 😊

  4. Both, you and your sister are my favorite ASMR, but WE SHOULD SEE YOU TRY THESE!! THAT'S 60% OF THE FUN. THANK YOU & GOD SPEED! 😊 💝

  5. Where are you from? Your accent.. it has a mix of posh english tones, alittle Irish, alittle russian.. its wonderfully interesting! Loved the video and all the dishes.

  6. +RELAXANNA Thank you for this very interesting video. I love Tabouleh too. My favorite part is the interaction between you & your sister. I'd love to see more videos starring both of you!

  7. Omg yay! I'm so glad I found your channel. New subbie here. I also do asmr and mukbang videos. I hope you will sub back 😊

  8. Did you get this idea from GentleWhispering? She did an almost identical video maybe 4 years ago. I almost mistook it for her video. I forgot to add that I do seem to prefer this one.

  9. Amazing, haven't seen smth like this since gentlewhispering (Marias). I kind of wanto to go to Russia for their salads.

  10. "selfie..is when you take a photo of yourself..?that's why it's called selfie?"
    "..do you want a cucumber?"
    ahahhahahah brilliant.

  11. Its like her sister was pulling off a asmr bomb, like a photobomb. Came across like a very unrehearsed video, nice work Anya.