Always remember that big cats need extra calcium in their food , You must add it and is available in powder form , without it they will not have good bone density and their bones will break from just playing.

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  1. I wonder if Enzo as very young but almost adult tiger allows You to take his food, not changing his food for e.g. Your hand of course?
    BTW: it's impressive that tiger allows You to pat him , when many dogs would bite even owners if they would only touch them while eating or going too close to their food.

  2. It's my favorite video.
    – Well, Mr Enzo, it's lunch time, would you like the chicken, or the beef?
    – BRING THEM HERE, I WANT THEM BOTH!!! !!! Miam, miam, miam, slurp, ohm-mo-nom-mo-nom-no-nom- burp- miam, miam miom…….

  3. so you say let all the 6000 captive tigers in America loose in the wild of India Asia and Sumatra and let the poachers have a MASSACRE PARTY and let the tiger go extinct? don't think so tree huger