Hey Foodie Beauties! Hope you enjoy this Ep 4 of Creepy Pasta “The Shadow Man of Cooper Street” and Farfalle with Shrimp! XO

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  1. Another talent Chantal ? ! Ok, now you're just showing off ! 😹😹 Omg ! Your Creepy Pasta Story is so good ! I totally loved it ! I want to hear more dammit ! 😹😹 I was so into it & so sad when it ended lol. You wrote it like a professional & you read it so good, it gave me Goosebumps ! It was scary, spooky, & intriguing ! I was yelling at the screen when the girl got out of her car on Cooper St. I was like "Ok, you dumb bitch, you're gonna get it now ! " 😹😹😹 LOL Seriously, I loved it ! Encore ! Encore ! 🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹 I'm throwing Blood Red Roses up on stage for you ! LOL
    Your Pasta looked delicious 😋. I bet those Extreme Beans woulda been good with that too ! I'm hungry now lol. Yum 😋
    You look so pretty in this video 😍😍😘❣I love ya sweetie ! ❤️

  2. You should write more stories to tell us! They're really good!

    I have a question, are you eating meat again, just fish again, or is this prerecorded? Just wondering 😊 if you'd rather not answer that's fine, too 😄

  3. You know, I used to silently judge youtubers with patreons but I can literally see no person more deserving of it. You put so much thought and effort into your videos. You deserve every penny you get.

  4. This was really good. I never understood why my husband likes falling asleep to creepy stories. But I think I kind of get it now. Interesting story.

  5. You look radiant today! What a great story too, you're so interesting!!! The food looks so good too. Watching at 6am in bed on a Saturday wanting shrimp pasta!!!

  6. wow, did u really write this yourself? its so good, better than the majority of creepy pastas ive read myself. u should seriously write some more and tell them in your creepy pasta fridays 😀

  7. That jalapeño is good if you grill it on a pan cut it in half and grill it with some onions 👌 just a recommendation 👅

  8. That was so good! I love these types of mukbangs! I literally love all your videos girl! I can't wait to see your following grow👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. Your channel is growing quicker 😁 I've been watching since you had 5k, and I so think you deserve way more subs, and you'll get there with your content and personality 😁 <3 Congrats on 10k!

  10. I love eating peppers with a sandwich and some chips 🙂 or maybe with a charbroiled burger!! You look so pretty btw 💕💕