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Blog post to accompany this video, with links to studies and further resources on treating depression with diet

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  1. Bleh all the fish looks so gross. I appreciate what you're doing and MOST of what you're saying is definitely true. Except for the meat, it's terrible for you. Even cancer causing. But yes, anti inflammatory foods do help depression and your omega 3s do as well (which you can get from non-animal sources). It has definitely helped me! Especially cutting out dairy made the hugest difference in my mood.

  2. So true! I'm very over weight and was very depressed. I instantly saw a difference in my attitude when I changed my eating habits. I don't ever want to go back. I have now been consistently dropping weight and I am happy. Food makes a huge difference! I believe that food heals many things as well as depression. I am proof too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 🙂 I've been feeling down lately and you just know how to make my day.Seeing you posting videos again made me happy too.Lots of love to you girl<3

  4. wow I've been having really bad depression and found myself all of a sudden craving carrots, couldnt figure out why bc I've never liked them in my life! great video, makes so much sense and motivates me to eat healthier from now on. id also been drinking alot of caffeine and i think that caused alot of it. thanks for a great video!

  5. LOVED the sexy music in the background XD I'll say that sweet potatoes, almond butter, cinnamon, and dark chocolate make me happier every time, no fail!

  6. "Let me make it sexy with some music.." I DIED!! 😂😂😂 I love you. I love salmon. I will try sardines. I like canned salmon, so I assume it's similar..?

  7. Depression is not a disorder? Well tell that to my brain and pills… I eat healthy, vegetarian food, and i still have depression. You should perhaps remove the word "cure" from the title, as it is very misleading for a serious topic such as this. I think you are talking about generally feeling down, and not depression.

  8. Hey Guys! A couple things:

    1. Angela Bassett is life and waiting to exhale is the greatest movie of all time. (Perfect Valentines Day Movie. )

    2. If you're depressed, that's an important time to nurture yourself. That's a red light from your body saying "slow down, listen up, and take care of YOU." Anti-inflammatory foods will help a great deal.

    3. I eat all the things in this video on a regular basis, and I swear it feels like a turbo boost for my brain for days afterwards.

    Thanks for hanging! You are all my Valentines, k? k.