Cooking low and slow in liquid is foolproof. Take these easy braising ideas and run with them…

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  1. i wanted to thank you. i hace been braising pork quite often. making arround 15 pounds a month and freezing them i am using pork shoulder picnic roast.

  2. Great video, though putting an improperly cooled dutch oven full of food in the fridge is a great way to develop food borne illness causing pathogens.

  3. Braising with this method is great, but I will contradict you on the "better the next day" thing. There's nothing like a nice hot braised brisket or rump roast straight out of the oven. Also – and this is just my method – I like to turn off the oven about a half hour out, then leave the pot in the oven for a while. This will prevent the meat from drying out when removed from the liquid, and improve taste and texture IMO.