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Chef Martin Yan makes an Asian inspired Beef with Broccoli. Watch for Yan’s easy and simple cooking techniques to make the perfect dish!

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  1. Yan is a clown who wrote bad cookbooks, ran ripoff restaurants with bad food and he endorsed a lot of junk cookware. There are infinitely better Chinese chefs on YouTube, both home cooks and culinary professionals.

  2. So I learned 30 yrs ago to cook Chinese before any other method due to Martin Yan. He made it fun, exciting. I have evolved over the years as a somewhat amateur home chef/cook. My Chinese cooking is much more complex now, but I went into the kitchen a few days ago, and did what Yan did here – so fast, so simple, no complex thickening liquids routine and twice cooked methods I normally use. You know what? It was embarrassing how good his version here was! It took a whole 10 mins max. Value – VALUE. My wife was like…why is dinner cooked already?!?

  3. Simple – salty and sweet – modern non-stick wok, easy cook, easy clean. 80% of cooking should follow this way.

  4. Yan CAN! LOLOLOL. I love him. He also knew that wasn't really HOT when he added the beef! LOL. He wanted to laugh I think.

  5. It would be helpful if you tell us how much of each item you're using. or writte the ingredients on the description box