Protein in Bulk and how to cook it. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to cook Chicken & Beef in bulk. Get recipes here:

This is a step by step protein in bulk video and I’m gonna walk you through what I do and why I do it. Today, we’re talking about animal protein but there are some implications for vegans and meal prep so I encourage you to stick around.

This video also deals with what I like to call “exact meal prepping” or extreme calorie counting. Having a better idea of the amount of calories in your servings of food. Mainly, how do you measure it and portion it out equally.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about my chicken & beef meal prep in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. Awesome stuff. I like the beef idea. It will be hard from me to get away from my crock-pot (shredded) chicken. I always season / add a fat (coconut, olive, or sesame oil) when i am packing it up 🙂 Thank you again for an awesome video 🙂

  2. No lie this is the best video regarding nutrition and meal prepping for the decade!
    I hope you do the seafood and carbs in the future like this. I'd pay for this info anyday

  3. Is there any advantage to using arrowroot over organic flour as a thickener? Just curious as I am always looking to experiment with cool new ingredients.

  4. A meat or poultry portion is the size of the palm of my hand.
    A cheese or sweet portion is the size of my thumb.
    A carb portion is half the size of my fist.
    A dairy portion is half the size of my fist.
    A fat portion is the size of my pinky finger.
    BOOM!! That's how I roll……. 😀😀😀

  5. I am vegan.. and make my seiten in bulk and this made me so excited… Thank you for expanding my mind with simplicity.. you are brilliant.. I smiled the whole experience with you in this vid from your word choices to your honest take on better living… thank you…

  6. Hey Kevin good video as always…Can't wait till your nxt epic meal prep on a budget. I downloaded your app,and believe you me it doesn't disappoint thanks for the tips. Always healthy and never boring BOOM!

  7. I totally agree with your point of eyeballing, people should learn to weigh/track food first then they can have a higher accuracy when they wanna eyeball.

  8. What an informative video! Thanks so much man! I'm sure aluminum foil isn't going to kill me so to the store I go. 😊