To strengthen your body’s ability to fight cancer, you need to eat a ton of raw foods. Here’s what I ate twice a day every day:
The biggest baddest healthiest salad on the planet!

It consists of raw organic vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts and homemade dressing.
This salad is super healthy, delicious and will fill you up without zapping your energy.
I ate this salad every day, sometimes twice a day, during the first few years of my chemo-free cancer battle.

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The information in this video is not intended as medical advice.
In addition to searching the Internet for information related cancer and health, please consider consulting with a qualified medical healthcare professional.


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  1. Hi Chris, love, love your website and videos. I have tried sharing this information with a very close friend who was diagnosed with tongue cancer. He ignored my info and had the surgery. Now the drs are pushing him to do radiation. I am hoping you have some strategies that I could use to help talk him into following your protocol. My direct approach, which I love from you, does not work with him. He has discounted your messages from your videos. I think your message about being weak and wanting a quick fix may have resonated with him because it appears that this is the path he wants to go down. I may just need to pray and then let it go. Any help from you would be appreciated! Thank you so much! Cathie

  2. I would need to chop those veggies up in much smaller pieces or I would have so much bloating and indigestion later. I'd also take a digestive enzyme with that. Also, I would leave off the pepper and spices, except for turmeric or ginger which are fine. There are a lot of people who can't eat this much roughage without suffering the consequences later and I'm one of them.

  3. The salad looks delish but the amount of olive oil is concerning…more apple cider vinegar would be more nutritious…IMO

  4. How about the supermarket or pharmaceutical bicarb soda? One tablespoon In water, 4 times a day and an hour before you eat.

  5. My mother is extremely thin, 7 stone, I've started the juicing with her but the more I read into it it says to just juice for at least 30 days without eating, can you please advise as I'm afraid she'll lose weight and needs to gain weight, she only got diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago and they told her there's nothing they can do, she has left renal methospis cancer, thank you.

  6. I have a salad at least once a day as well with a liberal amount of greens, usually some avocado, some sort of delicious yet natural & organic salad dressing (from the Whole Foods Market – very natural but delicious … but I did not know about Braggs Sprinkle !– That's a new one – definitely be going to the Whole Foods and grabbing some of that on my next shopping excursion 🙂

  7. hey Chris,
    I have is very important question, I wanted to ask you about B12 where you get from since you only eat raw green?? I mean it's a great diet but it doesn't contain any B12 which as you may know extremely important for the body.

  8. so you cured your cancer with this salad daily…what other veg did you ever eat if you did…….I like your videos and your wife's decorating your Christmas trees.
    What about Vit C…I can't afford the shots..i don't eat meat and can eliminate dairy.