Before Kim speaks at her first tech conference, she reads an article questioning her tech savvy. She tells Khloé and Kourtney that Kris has told her to back out, but she’s going to go forward with it anyway.

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  1. jumping the shark refers to the episode of happy days where the fonz jumped a shark tank on his motorcycle. it was considered the episode that made the show no longer great.

  2. jump the shark – (of a television series or film) reach a point when far-fetched events are included merely for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decline in quality.

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  3. Ok so, since i been watching this show I noticed that they always eat this salads. I look em up and learned how to make them and now I don't eat anything else for lunch! They are so good! The crunch dry noodles are a must in my pantry now!

  4. it has lettuce of course avacado Chinese crunch noodles dressing is apple cider vinegar olive oil and Italian dressing