Luxury beauty & outlet mall shopping, salads, & arcade @ Marriott Grande Vista, Orlando, booked on airbnb:

Mickey earrings:
Mickey shirt:
My coolibar hat
My coolibar cardigan
My coolibar beach cover up
My suitcase


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  1. I've totally been loving watching your trip to Orlando. Makes me miss Florida! patting skin care/SPF into your skin better than just smearing it on? I am inpatient to tend to smear it on, but feel guilty and try to pat it in sometimes. Does it make any difference?

  2. Don't let ugly people prevent you from seeing the beautiful world. Good news is we can always walk away and have other options. Hope you enjoy your last day in Orlando and safe travels

  3. You are such a treasure! You were so kind to give that guy a way out and he didn't take it so it is his loss. And things worked out for the best for you. Thanks so much for sharing your week with us. See you back in Houston. safe travels!

  4. Oh man, your way better than me lol I would have gone off! But you did the right thing and took the high road. Btw I totally rocked the Anais Anais in middle school too lol. I think I drowned myself in it so much I can't stand the smell of it now lol.
    Safe travels friend! 😊. Bye 🌴 🐊 hello 🌵🦂

  5. Two thumbs way up to you!! I feel you down to my core! You took the high road and did the right thing and left. Money talks and walks. You found a much better place in both in terms of food and peace of mind. I live by this: DON'T LET ANYONE RENT THE SPACE IN YOUR HEAD, UNLESS THEY'RE A GOOD TENANT. Love ya, Dr. Dray 🙂

  6. I think that fellow set you up. In fact little doubt in my mind the way he responded to you. I have been there. You really did a great recovery. I am proud of you. : o ) So happy you moved on to another place. Another good move. I hate that shaken feeling. It is just feeling their toxic behavior. You are very wise. : o ) Have a safe trip home.

  7. Loved the florida vlog series!! you seem to have enjoyed yourself 🙂 and you handled the rude guy like a champ. have a safe trip back!! (also, I find myself chiming in to the "sunscreeen and subscribe" sign off every time now!)

  8. Bless Your heart, Andrea~So glad you left the mall — Much better , peaceful choice for dinner, looked yummy and what a cute coco muffin~Have a safe and relaxing trip home~hugs, Dawna