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  1. I had home made lasagne tonight, with my home made fresh pasta sheets in it. The BEST! So many THIN layers, heaps of fresh Mozzarella …. ugh! Amazing.

  2. Hey Vincenzo, I couldn't watch your show live since I live in Corfu Greece. I really love your videos, keep up the good work !!!!!

  3. Buongiorno Vincenzo ! Mi sono appena alzato e sul mio iPad trovò una email che tu eri LIVE ! Un abbraccio dalla Germania ! 😉
    PS: purtroppo per il fuso orario non ti ho beccato ! 🙂

  4. Vincenzo, I couldn't catch the live show, but I certainly enjoyed watching you make pasta, and I loved seeing you interact with the live viewers! Wow what fun! Great show my friend!