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Honeydew Ham Salad
-honeydew or Cantaloupe
-serrano spanish ham
-balsamic reduction
-fresh ground pepper

-1 part champagne vinegar
-2 parts extra virgin olive oil
-1t smoked salt

Serves 2
Parmesan Chicken Strip Pasta
-6-8 chicken Strips
-pasta or your choice
-baby tomato
-spring mix and arugula

*Chicken strips breading:
-1/2C flour with salt pepper and paprika to taste
-1/2C talian bread crumbs with parmesan cheese to taste
-egg wash – 2 eggs, salt and pepper
Season the chicken strips with salt and pepper to taste then dip in the flour mixuture, then in the egg wash and last in the breadcrumb mixture. Cook for 4-5 minutes per side or until golden brown on medium high.

*Pasta & Sauce
-1C pasta (before cooked)
-1/4C extra virgin olive oil
-parmesan cheese to taste
-chili flakes to tasta
-salt and pepper to taste
-juice of a lemon or half if you want it less tangy
Cook the pasta al dente following the instructions. Mix the hot cooked pasta with the sauce and then plate.

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  2. Thank you! Your recipes are so unique and not just your basic protein shake or avocado toast. Just a tip (from a diagnosed anorexic) might be nice to mention that the serving sizes should be altered for each individual. ❤️❤️Lots of love

  3. I love Liz videos. I saw a beautiful bottle of wine vinegar at Kroger today and I thought" this is something mizzliz heart would use". Her videos have me looking and trying stuff I would have never thought of. So fun😉😊🍗🍖🍆🍎🍇🍓🍋🍍🍷

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  5. hi liz . i watch ur videos. u have inspired me sooo much i think u deserve to have ur own channel on tv. plus i think u should make an entire cookbook for a week just have a full selection of all ur yummy looking meals. i think ur amazing!! im ur biggest fan!

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