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To Make a Delicious Pea Salad
Take a few cups of peas
Boil them for a minute. If frozen, follow the instructions. Try not to overcook them.
Run them under cold water once they’re done cooking
Chop up a bunch of radishes (eyeball the ratio based on how much you like radishes)
Some olive oil
A bit less red wine or apple cider vinegar
A bit less dijon mustard
A squeeze of lemon
Some pepper pepper pepper (which you can also put over the whole salad)
Combine the radishes and peas and pour the dressing on then stir in a bunch of crumbled feta

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  1. Highly doubt this'll get seen but just tossing out a serious question, did you happen to see Binging With Babish's Reddit AMA? Do you think you'll be open to a collaboration with him? He said it's a great idea and that he's going to try to get in touch

  2. The captions really add to the video. I never had the words to describe the sound of peas going all over the place until now.