Definition of Halal Meat
What is Halal Meat ? The fundamental principle of understanding the … of people of the books (Christians or Jews) is lawful or halal for us or not ? …
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  1. Sadly to say it is the same in the Muslim world I have been to Muslim countries S.E. Asia where they trust Buddhist owned companies to provide halal meat unsupervised and much of this "halal" meat is shipped to Saudi Arabia. On a related topic wasn't horse meat found in the UK Burger King?

  2. If you want to learn about Islam follow this link: watch?v=4H4O8Lr9n8s you may also want to research the 40 hadith by Imam Nawawi and Tafseer Ibn Kathir which can easily be found online and upgrade your knowledge of Islam to the point that you won't come of as a bufoon. May Allah guide you.

  3. Surely Allah ordains everything that happens? Thats what Muslims keep telling us ad-infinitum. It's Allah's will that the pork is there

  4. 1. In Muslim countries like Saudi there is no pork at fast food chains.

    2. We are not responsible for what's in the air.

  5. even in the likes of the big fast food chains its impossible to stop pork getting into halal food because the vapours are air born , so just enjoy the bacon all muslims as your eating it anyway

  6. If we all were vegetarians, there would be no hunger in the world. There would not be have the problems with our health we have now.But who is gonna stop Monsanto?

  7. lol, when he asked the muslim guy what he would do if he found out he has been eating pork, i thought he was going to say 'bomb them'

  8. Also, because of muzlims irresponsible braindead breeding program, when our population is so bad that there is no room to grow grain and breed cattle and sheep etc, how much do you think you will be paying for meat then? You people have seen nothing yet. 1 day there won't be such thing as 100% chicken in supermarkets! The price of veges are going up to. Thats why us whiteies only have 1 or 2 'quality' children. So that we can afford to send them to university and get into positions to cull human