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  1. I am making this gravy using chicken stock for Christmas dinner at moms house. I practiced this twice both times using beef stock I made for french oinion soup. its not hard to make, if you do not leave the pot, and I am using wild mushrooms I got at the farmers market. Wish me luck chef…..

  2. Chef, was KFC gravy in the 1950s a high quality gravy like you made here? I do know even Taco Bell used to make their own refried beans in a pressure cooker. I was there once when one was not sealed properly and beans were splatters all over the ceiling. Now days, they open a can.

  3. I found out that there is no fond development if you don't use homemade stock. I made this for Thanksgiving and even though it wasn't right, it still got rave reviews.

  4. I'm currently making demi glace per your video on it, can it be used in this gravy recipe instead of stock? How would it need to be adjusted? Thanks

  5. If this is the original or near-original KFC gravy recipe, do you perchance have the original KFC chicken recipe? Would you please consider making a video of it?

  6. I notice that in several of your recipes you brown the mushrooms (white button ones) whole. Do you create a different effect if you cut them first?

    Could you also give any additional pointers on knowing when you're burning your fond/roux or not cooking them enough?

  7. As a Southerner i can say with complete confidence that this Russian produces better southern food than 99% of southern cooks

  8. Why's it so hard to find good, thick-walled pans and pots?  Is enameled cast-iron the best option for those of us who can't get commercial cookware?  Thanks for the great cooking lessons by the way.

  9. I suspect this technique is way beyond my skill level, but it sure looks interesting. I may try it a few times anyway to see if I can make something palatable.

  10. Chef, this looks really great question though I don't make beef stock anymore but I do have a very good stock that I order in the mail of course I cannot get fat so should I get beef suet or beef talon or does it matter? Thanks.

  11. I plan to practice this with store bought chicken stock before making this using home made turkey stock. For practicing with the chicken stock, would it be better to use ghee, clarified butter, or duck fat than using normal butter?

  12. Is this an upscale version of a mother sauce, veloute? I am using this sauce with chicken tonight, a little toned down then your original. I have another question, since I am soon going to buy some strainers and you used two, what types/brand/size and most economical? (I do use them frequently, especially in my consumes) Thanks again.

  13. Very nice, Chef! I need to watch a few more time to see if I want to try this a few times before thanksgiving. Looks like it would be worth it. The coffee was a complete surprise, and I'm now very curious. I've eaten at KFC one time, about 15 years ago. It was hideous. I've read about Col. Sanders heartbreak over the abandonment of his recipes. Damn shame.

  14. Greg, you're a national treasure. What nation? All of them. My hunt for a gravy like this is finally over. I can't wait to try it. Thank you!

  15. If I triple the recipe and freeze most of it, how long before I need to use it? I was thinking 4 months max.

    Also, how would you incorporate another note into your recipe such as 'celery'?
    -seeds, leafs, or stalks…?

    Thanks, Chef.

  16. 2 days ago we ate in this buffet, they had a creamy mushroom side, right next to the roast beef station. would you know what it's called or how to make it? it was button mushrooms in a light brown creamy sauce.