Most any fire pit can be turned into a barbecue pit, allowing you to cook delicious food over either a wood fire or charcoal. All you need is a grill grate, a rotisserie or a tripod. You can cook anything you’d usually cook on a grill on a barbecue fire pit and more! Learn all about the advantages of fire pit cooking.

A fire pit is anything from a simple campfire, to a portable cast iron or copper fire pit, to an elaborate permanent brick or stone barbecue pit. With a few fire pit accessories and some creativity, the grilling guru in you can come out to impress you friends with great grilled dishes.

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  1. Very nice smoker. I also like the flavor of cooking over the coals and when that fat renders off and drips into the coals and smoke back into the meat Mmmmmm Boy!

  2. I need that smoker!! lol..exactly what kind of smoker I've been creating in my head..that's awesome bra!! food looks great

  3. Did you use lighter fluid to start fire or just the hot rode? Im asking because its cheaper to use that hot rode instead of buying lighter fluid all the time.

  4. Hey brother do you have Facebook or email? I just started checking out electric grills and like your videos, but have lots of questions

  5. A little direct cooking never hurt anyone…finally entered a National BBQ Sauce competition and placed 3rd…you must be rubbing off on me Thyron. Glad to eee you got a new toy…let the smoke roll!!!

  6. I hope you are happy with the new cooker, seems to work pretty good. Just wondering what army was coming over to eat all that? Beef ribs rock.