My vitacost order, salads, shop w/ mom, & SKIN CARE update.
Natural calm drink
Turmeric chai elixir
Face wash
Vegan yogurt kit:
Eurostar yogurt maker:
Nut milk bag:

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  1. Side question for ya Dray, are you doing a spring Good Will challenge video (from Hillary) like you did for Christmas? That's actually how I originally came across your vlogs! 😁 Here's to hoping you do! 🤞🏻

  2. does biotin cause facial hairs?
    watching your vedios makes me feel educated about my skin….loving them..

  3. Have you ever tried the Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser? It comes in a blue bottle with a pump. It does a great job of removing makeup. I just picked up the Hydro Boost off your recommendation. Can't wait to start using it!!! Hope you're having a great Sunday:-). I enjoy seeing your mom in your videos. My mom and I are close too.

  4. Your energy is infectious!! I'm from Ontario, Canada and the weather is warming up here too (FINALLY) but we unfortunately don't have those beautiful palm trees lol

  5. please do answer my this question in your friday Q&A: Im strating having acne scares on my cheeks and sides of forehead…please tell me what to do??

  6. Hi Andrea So glad that your Mom is close by. Enjoy watching your outings together. Lunch looks delis, and the weather I envy. We still have snow😱 Cherish those moments spent with your Mom no matter how simple they may be. Even if it's cruising around in a red Convertible 😀

  7. The lunches looked really good. Looked like a better version of chipotle! Question about your recent plant-based switches – is there a particular reason you've been cutting out animal products? Digestive reasons? Health reasons? Skin reasons? Just curious! I actually been following the paleo diet for ~3 years and recently experimented with some plant-based switches. I actually found that I had a severe lack of energy when I didn't have meat and eggs in my diet. So I'm curious what your experience has been with your plant-based diet thus far 🙂
    Disclaimer – totally agree with no dairy. I've cut it out for years now and won't even have a cheat meal with it because it just does terrible things to my body and even my skin (breakouts galore!).

    Anyway, great video! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Have a lovely week.

  8. Ha you totally sold me on that Turmeric Elixer. It is so good!! Have you ever seen it for sale in a store? And I totally love your Mom. Mom's are the best!

  9. I have a question for Q&A Friday (talk about eager beaver huh?!), what is the difference/advantage of taking methylated B vitamins vs regular B vitamins you can find at the store ? My B12 was low-normal so my PCP advised me to take methylated B vitamins to help. I'm not too familiar with this subject. Can you go over this next Friday with us?

  10. You took me to heaven and back! I'm addicted to planners and I'm currently into bullet journaling. I wish I had pretty calligraphy writing too! I have never seen Leuchtturm 1917 journals at a store. I had to resort to the trusty 'ol Amazonian. And where were you when you showed us all those blenders ?! Omg ! Now those are serious kitchen goals ! My next item on my wishlist is an Instant Pot. I wanted to wait until Black Friday, as last year they were a steal on the Amazonian, but I didn't catch it in time. My BF is becoming more adapted to plant-based living and it was actually his idea to invest on an instant pot. I'm not complaining ! Enjoyed your vlog as always doc ! p.s. where did you and your mom eat? It looked yummy!

  11. Loved the "detour" with your mom. She is adorable! I totally enjoy all of your hauls – you give some great ideas on things that I normally would not consider. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.