A Royal Recipe Side Quest – Central Tower Region
Note: Both recipes you can make are found in the Hyrule Castle Library. You could also give him Monster Cake which requires Monster Extract from Kilton.

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  1. Oooooooh… He wants you to MAKE HIM one of the recipes. I thought he just wanted to know HOW to make them. I spent a while searching the library for a 3rd cookbook cuz I figured I hadn't found them all yet. =.=

  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! So I didn't have to sneak into the castle grounds after climbing the stinking pillar and glide in, climb and sneak around the place while avoiding getting shot by lasers, get killed by a lionel with a shield or whatever, swoop past the helicopter guys, and. now stand before this Gigantic heart thingy?! I Don't even have the freaking Master Sword and I haven't even save the Divine Beasts yet! All I have is a soldier's shield, an arrow and 2 bomb arrows, a soldier's broadsword, the great flameblade, a lightning spear, a sickle, a hoe, an arm and some sticks. I JUST met Impa for the first time as the only started mission and I met the Zora Prince but skipped that to do other things. I Came to this Castle to find some stinkin book and your telling me it's NOT HERE?!? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I'm sitting here with crappy armor looking for a book and I'm basically at Ganon's doorstep and he'll probably take my head before I even get out of here. Screw it. I'll see to it to the end. I'll swoop out of here after I die.

  3. Omg.. I spent so much time trying to find a cookbook in Hyrule castle. And I had the shit all along?! And for 💯 rupees!!! Bitch I already have like 20,000 rupees! 😖🤤

  4. Royal Recipe #1 Princess’ Favorite: Fruitcake
    2 x piece of any fruit +Tabantha Wheat + Cane Sugar
    Royal Recipe #2 The Chancellor’s Favourite: Monster Cake
    Monster Extract, Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, and Goat Butter.

  5. Help. I use the same exact recipe you use and I still get the Simmered Fruit meal. I tried same location and everything and I still get Simmered Fruit