Zelda: Breath of the Wild –
All “Boost” Recipes – High-Level 30 Minute
(Easily Farmable Ingredients)

The best Attack Boosting / Defense Boosting / Stealth Boosting / Movement Speed Boosting recipes and dishes. All done with easily farmable ingredients, so you never have to worry about running out.

Find a full text version of this guide here: TBD

I’ve found the secret formula for all High-Level “boosting” dishes (Attack, Defense, Stealth, & Movement Speed). Also, I’ve found a way to make sure these recipes last for 30 minutes. And as a *bonus*, I not ONLY use easily farmable ingredients, but I’ve made a farming guide for each ingredient to net you 25-80 per farming run.

Using easily farmable ingredients is the key to setting these recipes, and this guide, apart from the rest. If you always have the ingredients you need, or at least know where to get a quick 25-80 of them, you’re always prepared to make a metric crap ton of dishes. Also, this prevents you from having to continually look up what ingredient does what, or performing trial and error type cooking. This is basically the “Best Recipes in Zelda: Breath of the Wild – FOR DUMMIES” guide.

The basis of my secret formula is to use the following:

x3 High-Level Ingredients
x1 Low-Level Ingredient
x1 Dragon Horn

Let’s break the formula down:

First let’s give credit where credit is due:
My ingredient determination was made based off of the groundwork laid out by Reddit user u/MadaxTheShadow’s guide found here:

Cooking in Breath of the Wild: Getting the Most out of Your Ingredients from Breath_of_the_Wild

And user u/Th3Element05’s guide found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath_of_the_Wild/comments/62xurt/full_effects_of_all_cooking_ingredients/

Their posts enabled me to determine the correct ratio’s and the ingredients I should try to find.

Based upon the information from the posts above, I determined that in order to get a high level (MAX potency) dish, I didn’t need to use 5 high potency ingredients. It usually landed somewhere between 3 and 4 high level ingredients. So, I choose to use 3 high level ingredients and put the dish over the edge with 1 low level ingredient.

Choosing to use a low level ingredient instead of just another high level ingredient also has the added benefit of diversifying the ingredient list and not requiring you to have A TON of high level ingredients. I want to make sure you ALWAYS have an abundance of the ingredients required for all of the recipes listed below.

A Dragon Horn, when added to a dish, GUARANTEES THE DISH’S DURATION WILL BE 30 MINUTES.

With either of the following guides you can acquire 3 Dragon Horns per minute. This makes them the perfect ingredient to use in our dishes for duration purposes.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYsNVxsWfFI
Text Guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/zelda/comments/631j1l/botw_guide_fastest_dragon_horn_farming_3_per/

Mighty Bananas
Mighty Bananas
Mighty Bananas
Mighty Thistle
Dragon Horn

Dragon Horn

Silent Princess
Silent Princess
Silent Princess
Blue Nightshade
Dragon Horn

Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Dragon Horn

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  1. There's a more accessible recipe for the best attack raising and defense boosting foods.

    Mighty Bananas + Razorshroom + Mighty Thistle + Monster Extract + Mighty Carp = Max Attack: Restores 7 hearts

    Ironshroom + Fortified Pumpkin + Armoranth + Monster Extract + Armored Carp = Max Defense: Restores 1/4 heart

    The monster extract either raises hearts or makes the effect 30 minutes long. Save before cooking.

  2. i dont get this cooking up recipes thing. its nice and all but its not really needed. i already finished the game. i cooked up so many recipes but i ddnt really use them all. majority of the time when i used some, it wasnt for its intended purpose, but more for just getting more hearts. i got by just by eating fruits and meats alone.

  3. Anyone know of anything fun to do after 100%? Something like flying machines or self imposed challenges, i just don't know what to do anymore.

  4. As usual, the best guides on YouTube for this game. It's not just the information – you can dig around out there and find all this yourself – it's the no-nonsense way it's presented. Good job. I have a suggestion: how about farming guides for some of the materials needed for higher-level armor upgrades, such as Yellow Lizalfos Tails and those awful Smotherwing Butterflies? That'd be super helpful.

  5. I bought my switch about a month ago and ever since I noticed my battery % is indicated incorrectly. When playing zelda BOTW fully charged (switch and both joycons) the battery will be around 50% after 20 minutes, and at 1% around 30 minutes later. It will stay at 1% for more than an hour until it turns off. I really hope I get a respond on how I could fix this.