Need Help – Savory Meat Soup

I am a writer on the side, and occasionally, I will come up with some cooking idea in my stories that I will want to try in real life. I am at that crossroad now. In my story, the two main characters had run out of meat strips (small cuts of meat), but they have finally received more after a few days of being without them. As a result, one of the characters wants to make a creamy soup. The main ingredients will be: meat strips, carrots, celery, parsley (small amount), and some sort of dairy cream and water to prevent the soup from becoming too thick. I want to throw everything into a slow cooker (after browning the meat) so that the carrots and celery soften together with the rest of the ingredients.

What I need help with is determining the portions of each ingredient, like how much water and how much and what kind of dairy cream to use. Also, what spices or additions could I add to the soup to help give the soup and overall meaty and savory flavor?

Help me make this soup a great adventure with awesome results!

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